If this simple strategy allowed a an 8 year-old to raise over 2K from a neighborhood of tightwads in 47 minutes, imagine what it could do for you!

"My Wife Laughed When I Wrote A Script For Our Son To Raise Money Door To Door But She Was Speechless When 9 Of 10 Strangers Handed Him Wads Of Cash And He Brought Home $2,127!"

We Both Laughed All The Way To The Bank When We Figured Out How The Same Formula That Turned Our Son Into A Money-Magnet Works For Any Business To Get More Clients!

From: Dustin Cannon

Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

Do you think getting a consistent stream of new customers is easy?

Josiah does. He’s my son. He’s 15 now, but when he was 8 years-old he learned a formula for clarifying your marketing message that not only compelled complete strangers to hand him wads of cash, but has also been used by hundreds of my clients in various industries to eradicate tire-kickers, get more clients, and in many cases triple sales without spending more on marketing and advertising.

And the crazy thing is it all started one  day after school when our son exploded into the room announcing that he had been nominated by his school to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum in Washington DC. With a smile that stretched from ear to ear and eyes that danced with pride, he told us all about it.

This was a big deal. The National Youth Leadership Forum is a program for the brightest and most highly motivated students who were singled out by their teachers for nomination. Josiah had placed among the top students in the United States for mathematics.

He had worked hard to get this opportunity. We were so proud. We even took him out for a special celebration dinner that evening.

But then we got a letter the next day saying that we would be responsible for the cost of the program which was $2000.

My heart sank. We didn’t have $2000. And the thought of having to tell my boy that he couldn’t go made me nauseous. We had just recently moved across the country, and money was tight.

I remember sagging against the doorway of his bedroom with my head lowered in shame, and my eyes filled with tears as I told him that he couldn’t go.

The truth is he handled the news much better than I did.

It’s ok Daddy.” He said.

Then he thought for a moment and turned to me and said,

“Remember how I went door to door back in Indiana selling popcorn for the Cub Scouts? We sold lots of popcorn. Maybe I could do the same thing for this. Maybe I could go door to door and ask people for money?”

I explained that was different. That people are more likely to support an organization. I explained how this was personal, and that we just moved here and didn’t know anyone. Even so, he was determined to try.

He knew that I made my living as as a marketing consultant. He said,

“Why can’t you just tell me what to say?”

I reluctantly agreed.

The truth is I didn’t want to get his hopes up, because I didn’t think it would work.

I mean, let’s get real. We’ve all had kids come to the door asking for money for everything from band camp, to cheerleader camp, and more. You name it and they’ve come to the door.

And to be honest, I rarely give. And when I did give, it was maybe only a dollar or two. It was always the same.

They would knock on the door and while staring down at scribbles on a scrap piece of paper, begin reading in a robotic tone something like,

“Hi, I’m raising money so I can go to band camp. Would you like to donate?”

I usually respond with a lazy,

“Uh, no thanks” I would say.

I really thought he had a better chance mailing letters to friends and family.

But this was what he wanted to do.

I’ve written sales copy for hundreds of clients over the last 16 years, but I don’t think I’ve ever been under as much pressure as I was that night. I couldn’t let him down.

I knew that the usual way of going about door-to-door fundraising wouldn’t work. It didn’t even work very well for well-known nonprofit organizations, let alone my kid simply asking for money in his own name to go to something they had never even heard of.

I must have sat at my desk staring at a blank screen until after midnight.  I searched for ideas online. I skimmed through about every marketing and copywriting book I own. At some point my wife walks in.  “She has come to kill me”, I thought.  

“What are you doing?” she said.

“I’m trying to write a script for Josiah.” I said.

“Okie dokie. I’ll leave the master copywriter to his work then”, she said in a sarcastic tone.

And as she walked out of the room she flippantly added, “Nobody cares about the leadership forum. Why not just have him tell his story?”

And then I remembered something I read somewhere…

“Great marketing is about telling your story in such a way that it compels people to buy what you are selling.”

And that is what he did. He looked them in the eyes, and told them his story. He told them how he got here and why he was knocking on their door. He told them a story that likely evoked emotion and memories of their own dreams and struggles.

What Happened Next Blew Me Away

Complete Strangers Were Literally Handing Him Wads Of Cash!

People were handing him cash. And not every once in a while.

9 out of 10 people [who answered the door] handed him cash or check.

He was getting a 90% CONVERSION RATE!

Some people even asked him to stay in touch and to write them a letter to share his experience.