Copywriting Portfolio

Client: Steele Hill Resort

The client came to me to create social media advertising campaigns. They were skeptical that I could help, because they had already been through 3 other “big name ad agencies,” all of which had failed to produce an ROI.

Here are three landing pages I wrote and designed for Steele Hill Resorts promoting various vacation packages.

(Click each thumbnail to open the full landing page and read the copy.)

The following are videos I wrote and produced for the client.

I have to be honest. Initially, we were hesitant to team up with Dustin. He seemed a little unconventional, and we just felt more comfortable with a bigger ad agency. Yet, after several of the bigger and more conventional advertising firms failed to produce an ROI, we decided to give Dustin a try. We're glad we did. The industry standard in our business is a $1400 VPG on first generation sales sources. Dustin's ads consistently beat the industry standard with $1500+ VPG. The difference is that Dustin has taken the time to research and truly understand, not only our product, but more importantly our customer. He consistently creates advertisements that produce quality leads and convert them into sales. If you’re looking for cost-effective advertising and copywriting with high conversion rates, we highly recommend working with Dustin.

Doug Cutillo, Vice President, Steele Hill Resorts Tweet

Client: Dustin Cannon

This is an example of emotional storytelling copywriting for one of my own products, Marriage Reset Intensive. It is an online course which I promote with Facebook ads. It is a $67 product promoted to cold traffic. My ad cost per sale over the last 30 days is $14.23.

Click the image below to open the sales page.

Client: Law Office of Linda L. Piff, Esq.

The following is a a landing page with copy I wrote for the client to promote an eBook, which I also wrote for her. The client credits this campaign for tripling her new client consultations.

Click the image below to open the full sales page.

The following are videos I produced for the client. I wrote the scripts and produce every aspect of the videos.